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Stage Audio Works, based in South Africa, is a leading supplier and installer of cutting-edge live entertainment, live event technology and architainment solutions in Southern Africa.

Stage Audio Works’ philosophy is based on providing only the highest quality, most technologically advanced solutions in order to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction, service and to improve the live entertainment and architainment markets in Southern Africa.

Stage Audio Works believe that service, support, training, professional products and attitude are the foundations for customer satisfaction and company growth. “we supply the industry” is our company mission and aim. Supply means going far beyond simply selling products; it includes servicing, training, technical support and more…

Stage Audio Works is committed to working with companies all over Southern Africa in order to improve the live entertainment industry. Stage Audio Works is always ready to meet the demands of this fast growing industry.

Stage Audio Works is a dynamic, innovative company driven by passion, performance,  professionalism and perfection.




The company was established sixteen years ago, first called Sound & Light Specialists. At that time our speciality was speaker repairs. From there we went on to sales and hiring of professional sound, light and staging equipment. About six years ago we amalgamated with two other similar companies to form Stage Audio Works CC. Since then we have made a big impact in the professional live entertainment and architainment industry, both nationally and internationally.


Yes, money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy passion and years of experience. Stage Audio Works is not a “box moving” company – every sale is important to us, whether it is a single connector or an entire system solution.

Stage Audio Works has an “all inclusive” marketing policy. Our product range is divided into specific sections, conceived to give immediate response to the different needs of the industry including professional rental companies, theatres, television studios, schools, houses of worship and installations. All our products are meant to give full customer satisfaction and total quality, this being the basis of Stage Audio Work’s philosophy. Our staff of experts is always available to provide solutions for your needs.

Stage Audio Works believes in offering excellent support for solutions of complex systems. A prompt service and passion for the industry, combined with optimally trained staff ensure the best possible service to you, the customer. Stage Audio Works – we supply the industry.



Been there, done that

The proud, passionate and experienced staff at Stage Audio Works jointly shares more than a 100 years of experience in the professional sound, lighting, staging and live event industry. Having been involved in the rental and touring industry for more than a decade, Stage Audio Works understands the needs, joys and frustration of the live event industry and can consequently service the needs of the market more accurately.



“Techies” at heart…

Underneath the business exterior, we’re actually passionate techies at heart…

The live entertainment industry in Southern Africa is growing at a rapid pace and is driven by new technologically advanced equipment. Because there are so many products out there, we at Stage Audio Works firmly believe in AB (advantages & benefits) testing against other products. We need to be honest with ourselves.

Playing with the “toys” and experimenting with new technologies and proving them road worthy is what we love doing. Nothing is more satisfying to Stage Audio Works than bringing the best products to Southern Africa.



We’re not brand-brainwashed…

We travel the world to source only the best products to fulfil the growing needs of the industry. This means finding the best products which are not always “well-known” brand names. Stage Audio Works only deals with original equipment manufacturers, no middle man and no extreme mark-ups.



Professional and safe

Professionalism, passion, performance and perfection – these are the 4 Ps of Stage Audio Works’ philosophy. For both customers and staff, safety-first is essential.



Keep it simple — no need to complicate things

In a complicated industry with more technology, choices and options available to the industry than ever before, Stage Audio Works believes in simplicity. We keep it simple and say it as it is. Our professional products, support and attitude are what sell, not long-winded, complicated explanations and quotations. In essence we speak your language… that is down- to-earth and straight forward.



Have some fun

Because we at Stage Audio Works are so passionate about the industry, it doesn’t always seem like work, that’s why the staff at Stage Audio Works enjoys coming to work and going that extra mile.



What we do

Stage Audio Works is a major sales (import and distribution), repair and installation company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, supplying the whole of South Africa and Southern Africa with lighting, sound, staging and live event technology equipment.

Over the past decade Stage Audio Works has built a solid reputation in the industry.

We sell to the entire South African and Southern African Live Event Technology Market.

We at Stage Audio Works are striving to provide a high standard of service, not only meeting your expectations, but where possible, surpassing them, supported by professionalism and expertise of the highest calibre.

Stage Audio Works believes in distributing professional products, keeping stock and providing a high level of service both pre and post sale. Training and customer education are extremely important to us.

No customer is too big or too small and no destination is too near or too far to obtain our service. Stage Audio Works – we supply the industry



A bit of Geography

Stage Audio Works has offices located in the buzzing city of Johannesburg, the most powerful commercial centre on the African continent and Cape Town, a city that hugs the south-west tip of Africa with over 350 years of history is the second most populous city in South Africa and the continent’s most popular destination for tourism.



Our product support and services:

• Stage Audio Works has been involved in the professional sound industry for many years,
and we are one of only a few companies who repair speakers in South Africa. Our speaker
repair department receives repairs from all over the country and we are very proud of our
high level of technical excellence on this front. We have been actively involved in the speaker
repair business for over 20 years.

• Cable fabrication and system solutions design

• Manufacturing

• Training and seminars

• Technical support and service centre



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