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Click it, Stage Audio Works expands online

On July the 15th the new Stage Audio Works website went live bringing an aesthetically sleek, controlled and professional look to the company’s online home. Completely redesigned, the website aims to focus on usability and end-user satisfaction. According to Stage Audio Works’ Brand manager, Shaun Xavier, the new website will make it easy “for anyone interested in our products and services to find information and answers to questions in a clear and user-friendly manner.”


The motivation behind launching the new website was not simply an aesthetic decision, but instead to create a fresh and invigorated portal for customers to better navigate the website, and by implication Stage Audio Works’ services, with ease.

Access to the various pages on the website is simply a click away.  Form follows function, and a selection of “quick links” allow for the user to have instant access to the key pages contained within the site. This allows for the user not to be bogged down by unwieldy menus and navigation tools that are easy to confound and distract from the task at hand. The search bar has also been greatly improved: a few keywords and a click can transport the user to wherever he or she wishes to go.

However, this new design structure is does not mean that the aesthetic elements of the site have been sacrificed. The sleek and unlittered layout is accented with bold colours and a strong and unfettered sans-serif type: balancing the need for the website to be both visually striking, and professionally restrained. Stage Audio Works’ hope the philosophy behind this new aesthetic subtly reflects their commitment to efficiency, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

The restrained design serves the function of allowing the site to be readily compatible with “modern tablets and Smartphone platforms,” Shaun reminds us. Internet access is not something people do from behind their PCs anymore, and the new website satisfies the need for Stage Audio Work’s services to be used on-the-go. The new website is more than a simple place to browse products, but instead a fully functional tool for gathering quotes, asking questions, and enquiring about up-and-coming equipment demos or training dates.

The new website truly reflects Stage Audio Works’ desire to “speak your language.” It features a multilingual introduction message (available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu and Sesotho) that establishes the company’s place within the cultural multiplicity of our country, South Africa. Ultimately, the website reflects Stage Audio Works commitment to professional service with regard to cutting-edge live event technology and architainment solutions.

Click it.

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