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Stage Audio Works - We supply the industry


Stage Audio Works is dedicated to supplying the industry with all the essential tools, cables, connectors and consumables to make sure that your gig is a success. Even the biggest event needs the small bits.


• Duracell Industrial Batteries

Duracell Procell Industrial Batteries


• Stage Plus Gaffa Tapes

StagePlus Gaffa Tapes

• Advance Tapes

• Transpore Surgical Tape

Transpore Surgical Tape


• Pre-made Cable


• Cable Ties

• Lamps

• Brother labelling machines

• Brother Labelling Tapes

• Cable Glands

• Cable Weave Grips

• Stabilizing Wood Panels


• Colour Filters

• Cable Protectors

• Velcro Straps

• Bungee Cord


• Stage Plus Fog Fluid

SP Smoke Fluid




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