AUDAC Touch™ 2 – Case Study:

Case Study: Bertie’s Fish & Chips

In the picturesque Victoria Street in Scotland’s capital Edinburg, Bertie’s Fish & Chips restaurant is located in a former church. This 1.000 m² restaurant is Scotland’s largest restaurant dedicated to the nation’s favourite dish. Before Bertie’s opened in 2018 a versatile AUDAC installation was installed to ensure the right sound in every corner of the restaurant.

The restaurant consists out of 2 floor large floors. Each floor is its own zone and can be controlled separately. With the out of your pocket free AUDAC Touch™ 2 app that operates with the MTX48 4-zone matrix used in the installation, it’s easier than ever to control the entire audio system in a snap.

The AUDAC Touch™ 2 app is used the control both zones. During normal shifts, the music source is the same for both floors. But the upper floor can also be rented for private parties or events. In this case, the restaurant staff can quickly and easily change the music source according to the guest’s taste.
Because of the AUDAC Touch™ third-party support all equipment used to give presentation can be controlled. The projector can be turned on, the blinding can be lowered and the lights dimmed without any additional physical action in the room itself.

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