Stage Audio Works Audac Touch™ 2

AUDAC Touch™ 2

“So, your device has a web interface what about your system?”

AUDAC strongly believes in out of your pocket controllable audio solutions and further establishes its progressive position through developing the AUDAC Touch™ 2 total system control platform. Using this freely available solution, application specific dashboards can be created and customized, allowing the control of multiple devices from one single application.

“Amplify sound, simplify control”

Besides the well-known web-based control solutions, a variety of functions from different devices can be merged together as widgets in one single screen. Once configured, user accounts will be saved in the cloud allowing your dashboard to be accessed from any mobile device. Different levels of access are possible, offering system operation, system configuration or overall system administration functionalities. Hereby, authorization for every type of account can be specifically configured. Use up to 5 simultaneous socket connections to various supporting AUDAC devices, including all matrix systems. Control audio players and other serial communication supporting devices in combination with APC100 gateways, such as WaveDynamics™ amplifiers.

Total system control

All Matrix systems, audio players and other serial communication supporting devices in combination with APC100 gateways are supported.

Automatic device discovery

With this feature the application will automatically recognize and name all AUDAC devices in your system so you can easily add them to your dashboards and create custom widgets.

Custom dashboards

Create custom dashboards to the need of the application in a matter of minutes. No custom programming needed.

Freely downloadable

Available for free on each platform. Using this solution, the installer now gets the configuration and usability of a consumer app but with professional functionalities for free.

Whats New?

With the release of the AUDAC Touch™ 2, we are introducing several ground-breaking new features. Aside from the powerful widgets controlling your system, AUDAC Touch™ 2 now also has several functions embedded that will aid system managers and installers. Here is a short list of everything that’s new.

Automatic device discovery

Adding your AUDAC devices has never been this easy! The automatic device discovery will automatically recognize all devices in your system, guaranteeing an easy and rapid setup of your own custom dashboard.

Mixing functionality for M2

AUDAC TOUCH™ 2 allows you now to use all possible control functions, including the most advanced mixing capabilities of the M2 multimedia digital audio mixer from any smart device.

Free scalable and placeable widgets

Create your own dashboard, AUDAC Touch™ 2 is 100% customizable which guarantees fully flexible positioning and scaling of a very wide range of different widgets.

Professional licensed audio streaming

The NMP40 Audio Streaming SourceCon™ module is designed to bring the world’s first total streaming solution for both residential and commercial applications*, thanks to the collaboration with Spotify™ and Soundtrack you Brand©.

* Always check with your local licence regulations.

100% customizable

Select your widgets

Output widget

Input selection and output volume adjustment is made possible through graphical slide faders combined with drop down menus.

Licensed streaming*

The NMP40, a professional audio streaming SourceCon™ module for Spotify™ and Soundtrack Your Brand© is now supported, allowing you to easily integrate and control both streaming services from within the application.
*Always check with your local license regulations.

Projection screen

Relay unit controls or 3rd party equipment commands can get implemented, offering countless possibilities for expansion of your AV system to become a total system control platform.

Adaptive dashboard

Fully flexible positioning and scaling allows you to design and group your dashboard according to your own preferences. Custom naming offers an intuitive and user friendly interface according to project specific requirements.

Now playing

Currently playing media player information including album covers and additional carried information can be displayed on the main dashboard. Additional widgets for control can be separately selected.

Track list

A complete track overview is given, including the possibility for browsing through your track list.


AUDAC Touch TM 2 is compatible with a vast amount of AUDAC products.
For the most recent list of compatible AUDAC products you can contact our technical department on 0861 6888 68 or email [email protected]

Minimal system requirements:

Any iOS device running iOS 11 or higher.
Any Apple device running MacOS 10.10 (x64) or higher.
Any Android device running official builds of Android 4.4 or higher (Android 7.0 is advised)
Any Windows device running Windows 7 (x64) or higher.
Any Linux device running Linux (x64).