Bridging the analogue-to-digital gap: Sennheiser workshops educate and inspire in South Africa & Namibia

Users enjoy hands-on experience with Sennheiser’s latest digital wireless microphone range

South Africa, July 2023 – Sennheiser South Africa recently concluded a series of successful technology workshops across South Africa and Namibia. The workshops took place in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Windhoek and aimed to educate customers and end-users about the transition from analogue to digital systems whilst highlighting the latest product developments from Sennheiser’s digital wireless range.

The Sennheiser workshops catered to a broad audience, including rental and staging companies, sound engineers, theatre designers, production companies and AV professionals from the house of worship, higher education, corporate and hospitality sectors.

The events, led by industry expert and Sennheiser GmbH technical application engineer, Jonas Næsby, provided hands-on experience with Sennheiser products and a chance to connect with other industry professionals from across the region. Furthermore, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of digital technology and alleviate concerns associated with the transition from analogue to digital, a critical topic due to the recent change in radio frequency band allocation across South Africa. “All three sessions were great,” confirms Næsby. “The participants were all engaged, asked great questions, and were hands-on with the equipment.”

Highlighted products included the recently released EW-D, EW-DX, and EW-DP, all part of Sennheiser‘s Digital Wireless Series which recently became available to the local markets. These products seamlessly integrate within a single ecosystem, providing scalability and flexibility for users to select the components that best suit their requirements.

“Events like these Sennheiser workshops are essential for our end-users”, confirms Ashley Coleman, General Manager for Sennheiser Electronic SA. “They address the challenges of adopting new systems and aim to promote the advantages of going digital, all the while providing education on the latest product ranges and introducing users to alternatives which they may not have been previously aware of.”

“We aim to debunk myths, promote the benefits of going digital, and offer more affordable options,” said Shaun Xavier, Marketing Manager at Stage Audio Works Group, emphasising the significance of these events. “The Sennheiser workshops received positive feedback as attendees appreciated the opportunity to network and engage with each other and with Sennheiser representatives face-to-face.” Indeed, a post-workshop survey found that 92% per cent of attendees prefer in-person training to online webinars.

“I learnt a tremendous amount about the EW-Digital Wireless systems,” confirms one workshop attendee. “The presentation was relaxed and understandable and very clearly explained.” Another attendee expressed, “Sennheiser goes above and beyond to provide the end user with the most seamless wireless audio feed possible.”

Sennheiser SA is pleased with the outcome of this workshop series and aims to host similar workshops in the near future “Events like these nurture customer relationships and the exchange of insights and knowledge only further enhances the audio experience for end-users,” confirms Xavier. “In comparison to Europe or the US, South Africa does not have many AV-focused trade shows, so these training days are crucial, not just for users, but also for us in order to learn and receive valuable feedback from our customers.”



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