d&b audiotechnik partners with Gareth Owen Sound to advance Soundscape

German audio technology and solution company d&b audiotechnik has partnered with Gareth Owen Sound to launch En-Snap cue automation software, a significant step in advancing the application of the immersive sound experience that is Soundscape.

Since its launch in 2018, d&b Soundscape has provided audiences worldwide with an immersive audio reality that shapes deep and intense connections between audiences and artists. En-Snap allows for even more efficient and seamless Soundscape integration within the wider entertainment technology ecosystem.

Developed by Gareth Owen Sound for d&b Soundscape, d&b is working in cooperation with the renowned Sound Designer and his elite team to make the powerful En-Snap tool available free of charge to registered d&b Soundscape customers and users.

Owen has already used Soundscape and an early version of the En-Snap tool to bring his sound designs to life on recent productions, including the Olivier Award winning sound design for Come From Away in London; the Broadway production of Diana and the German productions of Bat Out of Hell and Starlight Express.

“The public launch of En-Snap is of huge significance to Soundscape users everywhere,” commented Owen. “It provides a seamless and efficient way to integrate Soundscape into show programming and operation, greatly reducing the amount of time sound designers and engineers spend in the production phase.”

En-Snap enables a straightforward cue-based control within the d&b Soundscape environment. The software tool connects directly to the d&b DS100 Signal engine and, with a single click, stores the parameter values of all 64 sound objects and any En-Space room emulation setting as an En-Snap cue. User-specified transition time, and recall safe functions in every cue, ensure seamless user options for scenes and applications.

En-Snap sound cues can be manually operated as well as integrated into automated production workflows, by cue recall, via OSC and MIDI timecode for up to two DS100s simultaneously.

En-Snap is an important creative tool for projects of any size from musical theatre to live concerts and corporate events. En-Snap makes Soundscape’s advanced technologies easy to use and integrate into the live production environment.

“By partnering with Gareth Owen Sound, we continue to expand the possibilities of Soundscape for the needs of creatives, designers and the market,” said Georg Stummer, Product Manager, d&b audiotechnik. “It is important that we plan ahead for when performances restart in, 2021. The introduction of En-Snap to the Soundscape environment will bring productions to life faster, with even more creativity, flexibility and functionality.”


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