From theory to practice with d&b audiotechnik

South African workshops provide training on sound system deployment

South Africa, August 2023 — d&b audiotechnik, a leading provider of professional audio solutions, recently concluded a workshop tour in South Africa in collaboration with local distributor, Stage Audio Works. The workshops were led by Janko Ramuscak, Senior Application, Training and Support Consultant at d&b audiotechnik, Germany. The event aimed to equip audio engineers and system technicians with advanced knowledge and practical skills related to the deployment and optimisation of d&b line-array systems.

The workshops took place in Cape Town and Johannesburg, where attendees had the opportunity to engage with industry expert Janko Ramuscak and gain insights into the intricacies of d&b’s systems. The participants were able to enhance their understanding of electroacoustics, line-array configuration and ArrayCalc software through comprehensive theoretical sessions and valuable time spent hands-on with the products.

“Our workshops were tailored to address the needs of regular users of our line-array systems,” explains Janko Ramuscak, Senior Application, Training and Support Consultant at d&b audiotechnik. “We explored the physical design of loudspeaker cabinets and the underlying principles of line-arrays, helping demystify common misconceptions along the way. The sessions also focused on subwoofer deployment and emphasised the importance of robust sound system planning, especially in line-array setups. Our software ecosystem, featuring ArrayCalc for planning and R1 for remote control, significantly streamlines this process, and it is important for us to share these technologies with our users.”

The workshops were attended by audio engineers and system technicians wanting to enhance their proficiency in deploying d&b systems or refresh their existing knowledge base. Following the theoretical training, attendees were given the chance to put the theory into practice, with d&b V-Series loudspeakers available for hands-on practice. “We covered the whole process, from gathering room dimensions to planning a line-array system and then physically deploying it,” recalls Ramuscak. “After running through a fast and effective commissioning process, attendees could not only see but also listen to all the phenomena discussed in the classroom, such as directivity control and the effect of different time alignments.”

“We are thrilled to have partnered with d&b audiotechnik for these workshops,” confirms Nathan Ihlenfeldt, CTO at Stage Audio Works. “The workshops play a pivotal role in advancing the skillsets as well as providing a platform for industry professionals to get together in person, engage with products and exchange ideas.”

“My time in South Africa for these workshops has been truly enriching,” reflects Ramuscak. “The passion exhibited by the participating audio engineers is commendable and the numerous questions and interactions underscore the industry’s hunger for knowledge and improvement.”

The success of these workshops highlights the importance of continuing education in the audio industry. By equipping professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills during these events, d&b audiotechnik and Stage Audio Works contribute to raising the overall standard of sound system deployment and operation.



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