Oceaneye powered by StreamWorks

Connecting you to ocean conditions across South Africa

Oceaneye is the brainchild of surfer, ocean conservationist and videographer, Graeme Brunt. He says he saw a gap in the market for a well-maintained website with high quality live stream ocean-facing cameras and lots of good ocean-related content and decided to take the plunge. “It took us eight months just to figure out the live-streaming process, and until we came across Nathan from Stage Audio Works and their StreamWorks platform, it was a bit of a nightmare!” he recalls. “We must have tried nearly a dozen platforms before StreamWorks, and none of them really worked. StreamWorks is the only platform that doesn’t buffer, which is huge for us. We’re now a year and eight months in, and it’s been a smooth, glitch-free process, even though we’ve had to work hard to accommodate the amount of traffic that we just hadn’t anticipated.”

Oceaneye has over 30 high-definition webcams located in prime ocean locations across South Africa, enabling subscribers to check conditions in real time from the comfort of their own homes – or wherever they happen to be. All cameras stream to the StreamWorks server and are then served out via the StreamWorks CDN (content delivery network) through our custom Video.js web video player which manages pre-roll ads and watch time limitations.

Oceaneye counts over 50,000 unique viewers per month which represents over 10TB data served out through StreamWorks’ CDN every month. Viewers log in from all over the world including South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, UK, USA, Belgium, Australia, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain and the UAE amongst others. “The 24/7 service we’ve had from Nathan and his team has been amazing,” says Graeme. “They’ve worked hard with us to build out the players to where we are now, which is a long way from where we started. It’s a great platform and a fantastic service – I’m super stoked all round!”

visit oceaneye.co.za to get your surf on.

visit streamworks.co.za (SA) / streamworks.video ( Intl.) to get streaming