Output AV delivers complete Audac solution for Tiger’s Milk in Bedfordview

Output AV collaborates with integrator K2 Innovate to deliver a
multi-zone system, inaugurating venue opening

Bedfordview, South Africa, October 2021 – Tiger’s Milk is a popular Kitchen/Bar which serves a selection of lagers and ales alongside a menu that takes pizza, grills and burgers to the next level. It is a part of the prominent Life & Brand Portfolio, a group that runs a variety of bars, bistros and restaurants across South Africa, unified behind a passion for delivering authentic food and beverage experiences. For this project, a new establishment located in the chic Johannesburg suburb of Bedfordview required a zoned audio solution to handle

BGM playback throughout the premises which blended with Tiger’s Milk’s characteristic black interior. Timelines were extremely tight as the work needed to be finished in time for the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and re-opening of the hospitality industry in South Africa. The job was originally procured by Output AV, who specified and purchased the Audac equipment, before sub-contracting K2 Innovate for the actual integration. All the hardware was supplied by Stage Audio Works (SAW), Audac’s South African distributor.


Following a series of successful installs across South Africa, Audac have established themselves at the forefront of multi-zone distributed audio solutions. Audac systems are beloved for their solid reliability, as well as ease of installation and use – designed with user experience (UX) as a priority. Furthermore, the scalable nature of the system at a cost-effective price point makes it appealing to businesses of all sizes. In this instance, an end-to-end Audac solution was the perfect choice: K2 Innovate had previous experience installing the equipment and Audac’s offering of white and black colour runs on the relevant models was essential in preserving the aesthetic of the Tiger’s Milk brand.  

The Audac system covers a total of seven distinct zones including four key areas of seating, the bar, outside and even the bathrooms. Audac’s sleek ATEO range of loudspeakers with their innovative CleverMount wall mounting technology were specified for the bar and seating areas, supplemented by WX502 universal wall-mount loudspeakers. The fluid lines of the ATEO range combined with high-quality components and wide dispersion make them an excellent choice for high-end hospitality environments such as Tiger’s Milk. Furthermore, the CleverTouch mounting system is an installers dream, combining elegance with functionality; once the wallplate has been installed in the desired location, it’s a matter of seconds to clip the loudspeaker onto the wallplate – which blends seamlessly with the loudspeaker design – and the system is ready to go.  


Six weatherproof Audac WX502-O were implemented in the outside seating area, designed to function optimally in outdoor environments with integrated advanced protection network that protects the tweeter against overload. The materials and finish also make it resistant to extreme weather. For the bathrooms, K2 Innovate installed full-range CENA706 ceiling speakers to provide ambience whilst remaining as visually unobtrusive as possible thanks to their borderless grille design. Their SpringFit™ fixing system offers the fastest possible installation time on the market.  

The entire system is controlled via an Audac MTX88 8-zone audio matrix which enables source selection and level control for each of the seven designated audio zones. Remote control is provided by the Audac Touch app which enables restaurant staff to control levels from their mobile phones.  

However, the installation was not without its challenges, notably in adhering to the client’s stipulation that the system should remain as visually discreet as possible in an environment with a large variation in ceiling height. Karsten Hinrichsen, the owner of K2 Innovate explains how they countered this: “We mounted the subs as high as possible to keep them out of sight, and the same for the loudspeakers where possible, angling them downwards to maintain high-quality audio output. Certain mounting methods and loudspeaker orientations worked better for different zones.” Additionally, due to the tight opening deadline, many contractors were working on various aspects of the Tiger’s Milk site simultaneously to ready it for launch, making the process more hectic. “Audac’s unique bracketing systems really came into their own here: we installed all of the brackets first, trying not to get in the way of the other contractors on site, and then once the dust had settled, we simply went back and clipped all of the speakers into place – it was so easy!” 

Summarising the success of the project Hinrichsen explains: “We’re really happy with the complete solution, and the client is too. In the face of a tight deadline, we have delivered a solution that meets and exceeds the criteria.” He continues, “An Audac solution is an ideal choice for this type of application, giving us a large amount of choice and flexibility at an extremely attractive price point. We were able to provide a well-distributed system that delivers high-quality audio throughout, even in areas where we installed speakers higher up. Installation is quick and easy, and for the client, management of the system and the various zones is straightforward and hassle-free with the MTX backend and app-based control.”

Matthew Billet, Events Manager of the Life & Brand group echoes this positivity: “We’re thrilled with the outcome! Our new Audac audio system has elevated our restaurant to the next level, improving the user experience for employees as well as visiting patrons with its unbelievable clarity and headroom. Great work from everyone involved!”