Museum of Science & Technology in Islam

Saudi Arabia

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an internationally renowned institution located in Saudi Arabia. Occupying a part of this campus, The Museum of Science & Technology (MOSTI) features exhibits that showcase contributions made by Muslim scholars to the field over the years. Interactive experience designers, formula D_, were contracted to design the museum, bringing in Stage Audio Works to help specify and integrate the equipment.

For the visual element, numerous Christie laser projectors were implemented throughout, with their turnkey Pandoras Box media server. SAW opted for individual Lenovo P330 workstations to power each kiosk – both efficient and ultra-compact. Several Smart IP Genelec loudspeakers, supported by a subwoofer brought up the audio.

“Together we’ve delivered a complete audio-visual overhaul that has helped reimagine the museum’s approach to storytelling using more interactive and impactful methods.” – Michael Wolf, Founder and CEO, formula D_

Brands Deployed

Stage Audio Works - Audinate