Cape Town

Planetshakers, a Pentecostal faith-based congregation with an international following, asked Stage Audio Works (SAW) to implement a comprehensive audio and lighting system for their newly built venue in Cape Town, South Africa. The system complements the new venue by providing an immersive audience experience.

SAW collaborated closely with the Planetshakers team to install an end-to-end d&b public address (PA) system supported by a Sennheiser microphone setup. They also delivered a house lighting solution based around their own Stage Plus LED Lights. All of this was enabled by a complex Stage Plus OV trussing solution that was constructed based on the client’s design.

“At Stage Audio Works, our main priority is integrating customer-centric solutions, which means that we work with our clients, not against them.” – Lee Thomson, Projects Sales Manager at Stage Audio Works

Brands Deployed

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