Front of house engineer Mark Woodcock and monitor engineer J. Summers choose PM7 consoles for “Twins of Evil-Second Coming” tour with Marilyn Manson.

Clair Global is supplying dual Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 digital audio consoles for Rob Zombie’s engineers while performing on the “Twins of Evil-Second Coming” tour that also features Marilyn Manson and opener, The Deadly Apples.

J. Summers and Mark Woodcock


Front of house engineer, Mark Woodcock, chose the Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 for front of house, and monitor engineer J. Summers is mixing monitors on the PM7 for Zombie.

“I have the same exact gear I had out on Poison,” states Woodcock. “Same rig, same PA, same audio crew. I loaded up the show file in LA and then off I went. I’m also using the Yamaha accelerator card to record 40 channels at 96k for virtual soundcheck via Dante.”

Woodcock said he’s using the Rupert Neve Designs RN5045 on the compressors and the 5043 for all vocals plus the dynamic EQs, the 830 on kicks and snares, plus the 5033 for EQs. “Rob Zombie’s voice has the Eventide on it all the time, and at no point during the show is there a dry vocal; 100% Eventide, and it sounds really great.”

He’s also using Neve outboard gear as well since everything goes out and flows though the Neve summing mixer and back into the desk. The PM7 on-board RevX is being used for all reverbs on the drums and vocals and the analog delay is used for multiple delays. “I have custom fader banks set up for things on various scenes throughout the show file,” says Woodcock, “with over 50 scenes built for all of the songs that could be pulled out at any time for encores with quick and easy access.”

Monitor engineer, Summers has used various Yamaha consoles including the PM1D, PM5D, M7CL, and LS9 digital consoles. “I very much like the ability to create custom banks on the PM7 console surface, thus creating an organic feel in connection with my workflow.”

Summers is using the onboard Rupert Neve Designs 5045s on his BVs. “They are a brilliant addition for IEM mixes.”

In addition to the 5045s, he’s also using four SPXs, two H3000s, and two MBC’s with no outboard gear. “The SILK function is, of course, a lovely feature on top of this stellar sounding desk. And, the built-in DSP saves rack space and keeps the monitor world small and tidy. Top marks all around for Yamaha on the RIVAGE Series.”


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