VWV commits to PixelPlus LED through Stage Audio Works

Experiential agency, VWV, has discovered the convenience and technical advantages that Stage Audio Works’ PixelPlus LED solutions can bring

Johannesburg, December 2019 – VWV Technical Business Unit has invested in PixelPlus’s LED visual solutions through Stage Audio Works. As an experiential agency that serves as the technical partner to VWV Group, the company hosts events and buys equipment based on these shows or specific client requests.

The VWV team was looking to purchase something that would stabilise its portfolio and deliver an experience above and beyond for its clients. Following discussions with the team at Stage Audio Works and comparing the proposed solutions against other options, VWV eventually chose LED panels by PixelPlus due to the ease of set up and the visual beauty the solutions presented.

“Over recent years, we have used projection,” explains Martin Slabbert, VWV Technical Manager. “Projection can be great, but it’s never quite the same as LED. We looked at purchasing LED purely so we could stay on top of the game and serve our clients with a better product. The quality and the resolution that Stage Audio Works showed us with their PixelPlus solution was brilliant.”

The LED boasts a very versatile system with easy set-up and configure, something that was very important to Lerato Moroe, VWV Business Unit Director. “I am not an AV guy, but I’ve helped set up the LED system and it’s quite straight forward,” he states. “What I like especially is that it doesn’t make a mess. With most modern screens, you find the cabling to be a nightmare, but with this it was quick to set up and it’s always neat and tidy at the back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the back of a panel actually looks as good as the front of the panel, but I have now with PixelPlus LEDs.”

The curve aspect was also an intriguing aspect for VWV. “We have done one or two events where we curved the LED, it looked fantastic and clients were definitely falling in love with that,” says Slabbert. “We’re able to now break the barriers where it was typically square screens and linear shapes and offer our clients more. People like to break the mould a bit and this technology is helping us and our clients to do just that. You can’t always do this with projection.”

Another bonus for the purchase was the opportunity of creating a rental network. “We consulted what other local companies had bought and they had also purchased the PixelPlus LED system,” Moroe recalls. “By mirroring other companies’ purchases, they can sub-hire from us and we can sub-hire from them. The advantage of this is partly to build partnerships in the industry, so we can all benefit from cross hire possibilities, creating a rental network for PixelPlus users. If more people know about one system, it makes life so much easier within the partnership that we’ve created.”

The PixelPlus panels have already been deployed on a number of events and the VWV team are delighted with their purchase. “We were just blown away when we first saw it, the colours in particular are so true and rich,” Slabbert concludes. “Overall, the features, the resolution, the curve – we are incredibly happy with it.”