The Yamaha Rivage is the pinnacle of Yamaha’s next generation of digital mixing consoles. Yamaha Music South Africa recently hosted a Yamaha Rivage PM7 training seminar at the World of Yamaha Theatre in Johannesburg.

Staff from Yamaha Music Gulf presented an interesting 3 day seminar to key technical staff from houses of worship, rental companies and broadcast companies.

The main presenter Mr. Hiroaki Fujita, a member of the Rivage development team and manager of Yamaha Technical Support presented fascinating insight from both a technical and ease of operation standpoint.

Mr. Pierre Blignaut was also on hand to provide technical training support. Other members of the visiting party were Mr.Takabe, General Manager of Sales and Marketing Yamaha Music Gulf and Mr. Oleksandr Babenko, South African Marketing Coordinator.

Story by: Yamaha Music South Africa



Perfecting the Art of Live Sound

Yamaha’s first professional live sound console, the PM200, was released more than 40 years ago. The PM series has provided fertile ground from which numerous significant sound reinforcement milestones have grown ever since. Many of those innovations have become benchmarks that professionals depend on to this day. The RIVAGE PM10 launched a new generation of PM consoles that have already become standards in large-scale live sound applications because of their unequalled sound, operation, functionality, reliability, expandability, and more. Now the RIVAGE PM7 digital mixing system expands the digital mixing options available for an even broader range of applications. The Yamaha “PM brand” continues to bring true innovation to the developing live sound scene.

A Choice of Systems for Any Application

The RIVAGE PM series offers a choice of systems that can be configured to ideally suit a wide range of applications. A basic RIVAGE PM10 system consists of the DSP-R10 DSP engine where all the signal processing magic actually happens, the CS-R10/CS-R10-S control surface for intuitive hands-on operation, one or more I/O Rack units for input and output connections, and one or more network cards for network connectivity. The flagship RIVAGE PM10 system also allows DSP mirroring for maximum dependability in mission critical applications while providing the capacity needed for large-scale setups. A RIVAGE PM7 system is a little more compact, with signal processing for mixing and effects built into the central CSD-R7 digital mixing console. Other required components are one or more I/O racks for input and output, and a dedicated interface card for network connectivity. The RIVAGE PM7 system’s CSD-R7 digital mixing console is the same size as the RIVAGE PM10 system CS-R10 control surface and has the same control layout, and with built-in DSP it offers similarly high standards of operation and workflow efficiency in a relatively compact, portable system

The RIVAGE PM Sound Is the Music Itself

The ideal starting point for creative audio engineering is transparent, uncolored sound. All Yamaha mixers are built on that philosophy, with the goal of allowing engineers to capture the on-stage sound accurately, without coloration, and then add creative touches as required. The merits of Yamaha’s unwavering adherence to this concept are evident throughout the RIVAGE PM series. Input circuitry and processing are critical to achieving the required sonic quality. The output end of the signal chain plays an important role in maintaining that quality too. Yamaha offers two types of high-performance I/O Rack units for RIVAGE PM system input and output, each providing compatibility with a different audio network. One is the TWINLANe network, using optical cable to simultaneously carry up to 400 audio channels. Combinations of the RPio622 and/or RPio222 I/O racks and HY256-TL or HY256-TL-SMF audio interface cards allow input via Hybrid Microphone Preamplifiers with analog input stages that take the Yamaha “natural sound” concept to new heights, as well as digital sections with immaculate VCM-technology models of Rupert Neve Designs transformer and SILK processing circuitry that offer outstanding musicality and atmosphere. Then there’s the Dante audio network from Audinate, already standard in CL and QL series digital consoles as well as a range of other Yamaha pro audio products. Dante-equipped Rio3224-D2 and Rio1608-D2 I/O Racks and the HY144-D audio interface card can be combined to provide natural sound input at full RIVAGE PM series quality.

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