It is what we experience through the senses that makes life meaningful. In fact, it can be said that through the qualities in
speech and music we experience, we become familiar with the higher values of life. This is just one of the reasons why at
AUDAC you will find a passion for sound. Each speaker, audio matrix or amplifier solution we develop expresses that same
inspiration and quality that exceeds users’ expectations, making it no coincidence our success results from exploring new
methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries.

“We all share one common dream.
Changing audio for the better.”

It’s not just about the innovation of better products, it’s about creating an experience. This is why we gather exceptional
talent with various beliefs, perspectives, and backgrounds, but we all share one common dream: changing audio for the better.
Just one example of this dedication has to be the development of the world’s first web based matrix, which rocked the audio
world, forever strengthening our vision of launching inspiring products and ensuring quality comes first.

Inspired by Sound.



Innovative, expandable and powerful, these comprehensive solutions are suited for practically all multi-zone audio applications.


AUDAC pays great attention to its multimedia sources. The development of cutting edge digital audio technology has led to a complete range of sources that will inspire you.


High efficient multi-channel amplifiers for low impedance and 100V applications where single or multi-zone coverage is needed.


Speakers suitable for highly demanding applications and guaranteeing a high-quality reproduction of music and speech.


Versatile audio signal pre-amplification and mixing solutions offering unmatched and intuitive controllability.


An extensive line of compact audio solutions and problem solvers.


Professional paging, headset, handheld, recording and gooseneck microphones, and microphone power solutions that ensure perfect reproduction of music and speech which will be loved by everyone.


Designed to be used in combination with the multi-zone audio matrixes, these control panels provide the additional features necessary to locally expand your system.