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The SL-Series.

Let’s talk about X.

The XSL System has arrived. The smallest sibling of the SL-Series family of line arrays. The only modern line array systems that can offer full broadband directivity control.

XSL gives you more of the innovative engineering solutions the SL-Series is renowned for: speech intelligibility, low-frequency extension and headroom, unparalleled broadband output, and an impressive cardioid dispersion pattern over the entire operating frequency range.

We don’t expect you to settle for anything less. Now, you don’t have to.

Mobile. Installed. Both.

SL-Series sets a new benchmark in both mobile and installed audio. GSL, KSL, and XSL are acoustically matched to provide a level of application flexibility never seen before. GSL cabinets are made for easy handing but can be permanently installed to suit. KSLi and XSLi variants differ from their mobile counterparts only in cabinet construction and mounting hardware. Out on tour or fixed in place, there is a complete SL-Series package for any performance.

Two beliefs, one simple mission

Since those early garage days the world has seen some of the greatest technological and social changes. But for d&b two ideas have stood the test of time, supporting and uniting a generation of audio enthusiasts, for whom sound is about more than volume: it is something shared, wanted, and experienced. Just like any art.

First, is the belief that everyone should experience the same impeccable quality of sound, regardless of their position in the audience.
This fair-minded preoccupation embedded in the company its mission:

“d&b audiotechnik constantly endeavours to elevate the quality of
sound systems to accurately transfer passions.”

Known simply as Democracy for listeners.

Second, is the idea that loudspeakers and electronics should be built systematically, that is, to work in total unity. As a result, d&b loudspeakers can only be driven by d&b amplifiers; it’s an exclusive, but technically beneficial union, maximizing efficiency, consistency and ease of use. A fully integrated way of working that sets d&b out from the crowd.

Mosaiek Church, Johannesburg
Rivers Church, Johannesburg
Oppikoppi, Blue Array Productions
d&b Workshop

What began with the integration of amplifier and loudspeaker now manifests as a company fundamental, from the way business networks
operate to the way new technologies fit into existing practices. This holistic vision, emphasizing the importance of the whole and the
interdependence of its parts has a name: the d&b System reality.

Transporting knowledge and experience

Beyond the technical components, System reality manifests as a service and support structure in orbit around every d&b solution. Delivered by expert, sometimes quirky professionals, this practical setup includes education and training (renowned for its aha moments), service, application assistance, technical information, custom solutions and financing, not to mention a knowledgeable sales and distribution network. All carefully and thoughtfully conceived by a dedicated team, to carry out its vision:

“As the renowned worldwide market leader, d&b audiotechnik defines the global standard for technology, quality and support of professional sound reinforcement systems.”

In other words, to continuously elevate the quality of sound systems, not just for listeners, but for users, owners and business.
For better life, art, society and enterprise: today and tomorrow.


No matter what the application type, mobile or installation, indoors or outdoors, large or small the comprehensive d&b mobile or installation range of
compatible loudspeakers, control electronics, mechanical accessories and remote control will adequately fulfill whatever the brief.