More SL. Nothing less

d&b introduces the XSL System compact line array,
full system solution, to complete the SL- Series family

d&b audiotechnik’s top of the range line array family, the SL-Series, is delighted to announce the arrival of its smallest sibling – the XSL System. XSL encompasses all the comprehensive features of its SL bloodline, from outstanding broadband directivity control and extended low frequency performance, to comprehensive rigging, cabling and transportation.

The XSL System comprises installation specific and mobile touring variants. XSLi for permanent installations, is ideally suited to venues with a high dependency on the clarity of spoken word, together with the need for high power, full spectrum performance. The XSL mobile version addresses the needs of the broadest range of touring applications. Both XSL and XSLi can be deployed as a stand-alone, self-contained package, or as a delay, or fill system to accompany its GSL and KSL siblings.

XSL’s extra small dimensions bring the SL-Series feature set – 2-way active design, high SPL and impressive cardioid low frequency performance – to a huge range of installations and events. As one would expect, the XSL fits seamlessly into the valued d&b Workflow.

“The performance-to-size ratio of the XSL System is unlike anything available in the current sound reinforcement market, or within the d&b portfolio,” says Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer, d&b Product Manager. “For installation, the system’s broadband directivity control drastically improves the ratio of direct to reverberant sound in acoustically critical spaces. In short, it will clean up your room! For mobile, a small footprint and improved sonic performance are really valuable. It’s an enormous step, it’s really impressive.”

Matthias Christner, Head of R&D Acoustics at d&b said, “Going into the design of this product we were actually a bit sceptical about whether we could achieve the signature SL-Series directivity performance in such a compact format. We’re really thrilled, slightly stunned and very proud that it works so well. I truly believe that the sound quality, dispersion, and clarity delivered by XSL will spearhead the evolution that we all expect from smaller arrays in the future.

Full Broadband Directivity Control

Continuing d&b’s fixation with directivity, XSL delivers cardioid performance across the full frequency spectrum, resulting in: reduced audio spill onto open mics on stage; improved clarity and impact of individual instruments; and less coloration of mid range build up in venues and on broadcast and recording feeds. Less spill from the main PA to the stage, and backstage, improves the creative experience for performers, while giving more control to monitor engineers, particularly in the mid to low frequencies.

XSL loudspeakers achieve broadband directivity using patented SL-Series cardioid techniques to control low frequency dispersion. The XSL System’s excellent sonic performance and clarity is achieved with this unique pattern control and enhanced further with d&b Enabling technologies including d&b ArrayProcessing.

More Power, Less Draw.

The d&b amplifier family, including the 40D installation and D40 mobile amplifiers, have been designed to deliver the power density required for high efficiency d&b systems. The four channel Class D 40D/D40 devices come with advanced voltage management to bring up to 50% power draw efficiency to the d&b range – with zero compromise in performance. d&b amplifiers do more than drive d&b loudspeakers: they realize the full potential of the d&b system approach.

The XSLi installation systems, along with the installation specific 40D amplifier, will begin shipping in October. The mobile XSL package will begin shipping in January 2022.

Technical Specifications

• Mobile and installation variants (XSL / XSLi)
• 80 and 120 degree dispersion patterns (XSL/XSLi8 and XSL/XSLi12)
• Splay angle setting: 0 -14 degrees (1 degree increment)
• Frequency response: 60 Hz – 18 kHz
• Max. SPL (reference amplifiers: D40 / 40D):
• XSL/XSLi8 141 dB
• XSL/XSLi12 140 dB

• Components:
• 2 x 8” front LF drivers
• 2 x 6.5” side facing LF drivers
• 1 x 6.5” MF driver / horn unit
• 2 x 1” exit compression drivers with 2” coil on a waveguide

• Weight: 39 kg (86 lbs)
• Dimensions: (WxHxD) 700 x 283 x 507mm
• Available with mobile and install specific rigging and mounting accessories
• Special Version Stadium (SVS) rigging available
• d&b Custom Solutions, including Sea Water Resistant (SWR) variants, also available
• MILAN ready