Norwegian Settler’s Church

Marburg, KwaZulu-Natal

The Norwegian Settler’s Church (NSC) has grown from strength to strength since its founding in 1882, remaining the longest serving church in the region. With the construction of their auditorium, which began in 2008, nearing its close, Stage Audio Works (SAW) were brought in to implement the finishing touches by upgrading the faith’s audio system.

We teamed up with Acoustic Worx to treat the space acoustically, before installing a complete Plus Audio line array solution in the main hall. Several dB Technologies’ loudspeakers were opted for in the foyer, ensuring sound throughout the venue. The system relies on a Q-Sys Core for control.

“We’ve been getting tremendous feedback from our congregation, who are really impressed with the consistent audio quality of the new system.” – Phillip Kloppers, Media and Technical Director, NSC

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