Pretoria, South Africa

Founded in 2005 by Pastor John and Mandri Roebert, CHOOSE LIFE Church is located in Pretoria, South Africa. The church has an expansive vision, utilising technology to enhance their live events as well as broadcasting capabilities.

CHOOSE LIFE Church upgraded to a d&b audiotechnik T-series audio system as part of their first major project in 2011, in an installation carried out by Stage Audio works (SAW), which remains competitive to this day. Recently, the church returned to SAW, looking to improve their video technology. SAW implemented a 108-panel Xcell-I LED wall to accentuate their stage, and upgraded their streaming PCs and software, transitioning towards the Resi streaming platform.

“We are loving the new look. SAW have proved time and time again their ability to provide industry-leading solutions.” – Grant Boswell, Technical Support Officer, CHOOSE LIFE Church

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