Windhoek, Namibia

Nedbank Namibia is one of the four largest banking groups in the country, providing innovative banking solutions for their clients. Recently, Nedbank sought to create a cutting-edge, modern headquarters on the plot of land they acquired in 2018. Stage Audio Works Namibia were brought in to design and integrate an audio-visual solution across nine floors.

The primary objective was to streamline collaboration and improve the conferencing experience. SAW Namibia implemented a system based around Audac loudspeakers, with control from QSC and Crestron, which offers a consistent Microsoft Teams conference experience in each room. A number of high-quality screens hold up the visual side.

“With its seamless BYOD (bring your own device) flexibility, this solution truly ticked all of the boxes in terms of our client’s requirements.”  – Joppie Maritz, Managing Director, SAW Namibia

Brands Deployed

Stage Audio Works Sennheiser
Stage Audio Works Audac
Stage Audio Works - Atlona