Q-SYS Cores- The World’s Most Powerful Software Based DSP Solution for Audio, Video & Control

Q-SYS™ has no equal as a scalable audio, video and control ecosystem. It uniquely leverages the power of Intel™ processing, the robustness and mission-critical reliability of a purpose-built Linux™ kernel, the interoperability of IEEE networking standards, and of course the limitless potential Q-SYS realtime operating system to deliver an open and IT-friendly eco-system. The capabilities of Q-SYS software-based processing and control transcends the limitations found in single purpose, hardware-based products.

• Layer 3 networking: Ensures Q-SYS can run on the backbone of existing IT infrastructure eliminating the need for a dedicated audio network.

• Industry-leading hardware design:
Future-proof investment in standards-based software and computer technology running on Intel processors.

• Simple, cost-effective scalability:
Its flexible software-based architecture allows Q-SYS to accommodate the growth of your system while supporting your desired business outcomes as they change.

• Unified software ecosystem:
Single training investment in one software design tool for small to large systems of all applications types.