On the 26th and 28th of February 2019 Sennheiser Electronic SA (Pty) Ltd South Africa hosted the Sennheiser Sound Academy Technology Workshop held at The Venue in Midrand and the Commodore Hotel in Cape Town. The workshops were presented by one of the world’s leading authorities in wireless RF technologies, Jonas Naesby.

Jonas has designed, implemented and managed some of the most complex wireless systems in the world, including several Melodi Grand Prix shows, many theaters, and installations at national TV stations across northern Europe. He regularly consults with the European Supervisory Authorities on all questions regarding the wireless spectrum of microphone signals and is highly sought after as a technical consultant and trainer in RF. Uwe Marks from Sennheiser GmbH and Lisa Kane from Sennheiser Ireland also attended along with local guest speakers.

The workshops covered the below topics:

• Experience our new Mobile Connect technology throughout the session with your smartphone
• RF Spectrum and where our products fit
• Analog vs Digital Technology
• New XSW Digital product line up
• Memory Mic Demonstration
• Product presentations on XSW, Evolution G4, IEM G4, Digital 6000 and 9000 series

for information visit: www.sennheiser.co.za