The future of audio – this is our mission, this is what drives us to develop and deliver innovative audio solutions to you. Regardless of whether audio is your profession, your passion or your hobby. Regardless of whether you love to listen to great music or record and mix breathtaking film sound for a living. We strive to help you enjoy and create unsurpassed audio experiences that push the boundaries of what exists today.

The future of audio is not just our ambition – it is also an invitation to all you audio lovers and audio experts: Share your vision of audio with us, get involved in our creators’ programs, take part, and claim your role in working with us to develop the audio solutions of the future.

The Vision

We are shaping today the audio world of tomorrow – that is the ambition that we and our company live by from day to day. This vision statement describes what we are hoping to achieve together. The foundation for this is our history, our culture of innovation and our passion for excellence.

For us, good sound is not enough. We want to achieve the perfect sound. We want to make sound come alive.

Stage Audio Works Sennheiser

2020 Marks Sennheiser’s 75th Anniversary

Join us as we Celebrate Sennheiser’s 75 Years of heritage, spirit, special moments and fantastic products!

We would like to celebrate this very special anniversary with you – our employees, customers, friends and followers.
Because you are the people behind our achievements and fantastic projects.

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Stage Audio Works Sennheiser