New initiative aimed at providing free educational workshops to house of worship technical staff


Johannesburg, September 2019 – Stage Audio Works has joined forces with sales partner K2 Innovate to deliver free training for house of worship technicians in South Africa – Tech Tuesday. Created to boost the technical skillset of worship volunteers, the initiative got underway with a session covering the basics of web and multisite streaming.

“Streaming is a popular technology for houses of worship with multiple campuses as well as those looking to reach a dispersed congregation, so we thought it was the best starting point for Tech Tuesday,” explained Nathan Ihlenfeldt, technical director at Stage Audio Works. “The response we had was phenomenal. The audience of worship technicians embraced the concept and made sure that this first Tech Tuesday really delivered on what we were trying to achieve. Everyone left there with a greater understanding of how this technology could help to improve their services.”



The event itself, which took place in Stage Audio Works’ Johannesburg office, covered the basics of web and multisite streaming technology and the various solutions available. Following this, a special focus was put on the unique way that Living as One’s web and multisite technology enables this with the less than optimal internet connections typically found in South Africa.

“We know and understand the challenges most houses of worship face when it comes to connectivity,” said Ihlenfeldt. “The technology that Living as One has pioneered to help combat these difficulties ensures that all of the positive aspects of streaming can still be experienced and your congregation can be engaged, no matter where they are.

Following the success of this first event, Tech Tuesday is set to become a regular part of Stage Audio Works’ extensive educational calendar. The workshops will take place on the last Tuesday of every month, giving worship technicians the opportunity to learn and network with the community.

“Whether you need to brush up on your technical knowledge or discover new skills, methods, and ideas for taking your tech to the next level, then this is for you,” concluded Ihlenfeldt.